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How to Use This Manual [ Micro Focus COBOL System Reference, Volume 1 ]

Micro Focus COBOL System Reference, Volume 1

How to Use This Manual 

Each chapter in this manual (except for this Introduction) is dedicated
to a system component.  The chapters are ordered alphabetically to help
you to readily locate information.  To find the chapter on a particular
component, you can either use the main Table of Contents or flip through
the book until you find the relevant chapter title shown on the
right-hand edge of each page.

Chapter Structure 

Each chapter begins with a brief abstract describing the function of the
component followed by these sections:

   *   Table of Contents 

       The chapter Table of Contents at the beginning of each chapter
       contains a more complete description of the chapter than is shown
       in the main Table of Contents.

   *   Overview 

       The Overview contains an expanded description of the component,
       including its purpose and features.

   *   Operation 

       The Operation section describes any preparation that needs to be
       done before using the component and then explains how to activate
       and use the software.  Some chapters may contain some additional
       sections which give detailed information of a nonoperational

Generic Chapters.   

The following chapters and appendices in this book are common (generic)
between this COBOL system and Micro Focus COBOL for DOS, Windows and

2.      Adis 
3.      Adis Configuration Utility (Adiscf) 
4.      Animator 
5.      Callable File Handler (Extfh) 
6.      Callable Sort Module (Extsm) 
13.     File Handling 
16.     H2cpy 
17.     Integrated Preprocessor 
18.     Keyboard Configuration Utility 
19.     Library Routines (Call-by-Name) 
23.     On-line Help System Access and Display Utility (Hyhelp) 
24.     Panels 
D.      Directives for Animator 
E.      Directives for Compiler 
I.      File Formats 
K.      File Status 

All other chapters are specific to this COBOL System on UNIX.

Help Information.   

On-line help is available with this system.  The On-line Reference
provides a large amount of the reference information contained in the
system documentation.  It can be accessed via the operating system
prompt, or by pressing hot-key Alt+1 from the Animator.  Full details on
the use of the On-line Help System are provided in the chapter On-line 
Help System Access and Display Utility (Hyhelp).  You also can get
context-sensitive help by pressing F1=Help from any menu in this COBOL